Andrew Tay

Andrew began his career in the family shipping business which owned and operated six bulk carriers that traded globally. In 2001, he decided to start his own shipping company, and through various ventures with overseas partners, Andrew managed to build a shipping business that spanned the seven seas. In 2008, with the downturn in the bulk shipping industry, Andrew began to explore options trading as a replacement business. After attending numerous courses and gaining much experience from live trading, he successfully switched from being a business owner to a full-time options trader. Andrew is well versed in the different options strategies and is able to employ the relevant strategies to profit from any kind of market condition. Andrew has been trading options full time since 2008 and firmly believes that, given the right skills set, anyone can successfully generate consistent income through options trading. He therefore set up Liberty Consultants Pte Ltd in 2014 with an aim to share his trading experience and to teach people interested in this very versatile investment product.