Lisa Wang

Lisa is the Market Analyst from HomilyChart, China, who is known to accurately judge price fluctuations and predict turning points based on time and space via 4D analysis methods – educates and enlightens interested individuals about shares and stocks, and their unpredictable nature. Lisa’s famous sharing topics are: Elliot Wave Theory 波浪理论, Homily Rainbow Indicators 弘历彩虹,Multicolor Dragon Indicators 六彩神龙,How to riding a bucking bull for Contra Trading. Lisa 擅长捕捉单边波段底部,理论功底扎实,对投资者有着独特的教学经验,对道氏理论、波浪理论、时间周期理论有独到的见解,并将理论与实战相结合,相信“没有不赚钱的市场,只有不赚钱的操作”。