Ricky Ng 黄木利

Ricky graduated from National Taiwan University, Taiwan with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has over 30 years of working experience in business and industrial operations at home and abroad. He began his career at the grassroots level as an engineer and worked his way to become a divisional CEO of a listed multinational. During his career he oversaw 10 enterprises in China, Taiwan and Malaysia of which he was successful in assisting two companies in his portfolio to be listed in Malaysia and China. Mr. Ng brings with him in-depth invaluable practical experience to the world of value investing. 黄木利毕业于台湾国立台湾大学机械工程学系。他拥有超过30 年的海内外工商经营经验。他的职业生涯从基层工程师开始,一路职升至跨国上市公司的部门总裁。在其职业生涯中,他负责掌管包括中国,台湾与马来西亚总数超过十家的投资企业,期间曾协助二家集团属下公司与一家外围公司在中国与马来西亚取得上市地位。他把其丰富与宝贵的实际经验融入了价值投资的世界。